Bringing Japanese tableware to tables around the world.

Japanese tableware, which is produced with unique materials, patterns, and textures, is highly regarded overseas. In particular, Mino ware, which originated in the Higashi-Mino region of Gifu prefecture, the largest ceramic production area in Japan, has various characteristics such as “Oribe,” “Ki-Seto,” and “Shino” with different colors and textures, and has great potential to fascinate people around the world.

At Mino Trading, our mission is to convey joy and inspiration to tables around the world through the sale of Japanese ceramic products, with a focus on Mino ware. We aspire to play a small role in passing on Japan’s advanced traditional craftsmanship to future generations.

Online Shop

In addition to our online shop available in Japan, we also offer an online shop that can be used from overseas. Please have a look.